Usually there are three families of near-Earth asteroids. They are named for the typical representatives - minor planets: 1221 Amour, 1862 Apollo, 2962 Aton. The family of the Amur are asteroids whose orbits are almost touching in the perihelion of the orbit of the Earth. "Apollontsy" cross Earth's orbit from the outside, their peregeliynoe distance is less than 1 AU "Atontsy" have orbits with semimajor axis smaller than Earth's and cross the Earth's orbit from the inside. Representatives of all these families can meet with the Earth. As close passages, they happen often.

     For example, the asteroid at the time of opening of Cupid was at 16.5 million kilometers from Earth, 2101 Adonis, close to 1.5 million kilometers, 2340 Hathor - at 1.2 million kilometers. Astronomers have observed many observatories pass by Earth asteroid 4179 Tautatis. December 8, 1992, he was away at a distance of 3.6 million kilometers.